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Eagle Eye was established to meet the demand of its industry and provide quality, efficient and professional property inspections with superb customer service. Our mission as a multi service inspection firm is to meet the diverse needs of Realtors, Buyers, Sellers and Investors in a fast moving real estate market. We are committed to growing in this ever changing technological world, by equipping our inspectors with access to the latest inspection equipment tools and software. Our property inspectors are proud members in good standing with the International Association of Certified Home Inspector association.

Eagle Eye inspector are certified and trained on a verity of inspections services to adequately meet our customer needs. From general residential inspection to commercial, thermal imaging inspection, mold, sewer camera, home energy inspection and much more.
With this said, our ultimate goal is to educate our clients as to the condition of the property they are looking to purchase, sell, build or remodel. We believe that, while our clients may have little to no construction or inspection knowledge, they should have the necessary information as to the condition and maintenance requirements of the subject property.

Eagle Eye is also committed to providing affordable prices to customers without compromising quality and professionalism. We strive to improve quality, performance, reliability and exceptional customer service and keep our compatible prices at the same time. We are also committed to creating jobs by hiring well trained, experienced property inspectors and enabling them further their knowledge by continual training as the industry grows.
Eagle Eye inspectors have gained combined years of experience through training and have acquired certifications above the require by the standard of the general property inspection industry, Obtaining specialty trainings and certificates for Manufactured home, Condominiums, Commercial, Infrared and Energy audits. Clearly the Eagle Eye Property Inspections bar is set to a high standard and that standard is continually rising.

Our Inspectors

We're proud of our hardworking inspectors. They go above and beyond to make sure you're pleased with our service.


Mr. Hernandez has performed inspections for over seven years and is a proud member of the Mountain Inspection Support Association. He has inspected standard homes as well as commercial apartments, warehouses, cabins, manufactured homes, beachfront homes, mansions and more. He grew up in a contractor’s home and learned the essentials of framing, additions, remodels, post foundation repairs and the list goes on. Abraham has also developed templates and formats for the building of inspection software. He now serves as team leader supervising inspections, reports and building new inspection strategies along with reporting software.



Began in the Marketing Department here at Eagle Eye, where he learned to engage clients with the goal in mind of meeting their needs. After nearly 3 years of getting to know the industry and our clients, he decided to take the knowledge he acquired, and step onto the field and put it into practice. Justin is certified with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, and has completed inspections all across Southern California. His ability to communicate effectively has been a valuable asset to our company and for our clients as well. He strives to find new ways to enhance the experience that our clients have throughout the inspection process. He is always furthering his qualifications through continual study of our industry standards and practices. His list of certifications is ever growing as he seeks to achieve a level of quality that excels above our clients expectations.



Came to Eagle Eye after having spent 6 years in the roofing industry. He was trained by a seasoned contractor who has been in construction for over 30 years. While working at this position, he cultivated a drive to perform exceptional service to ensure that the clients needs were met. It was only natural that he would look to help home owners further by expanding his understanding of the various components of a building. Learning all the major systems of a house was the next clear path in his career. Stephen is certified with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, and has performed inspections on various property types in Southern California. He continues to further his knowledge through constant education as he seeks to give our clients the best inspection possible. His desire to provide great service has been a great factor for our clients time and time again.



Has performed Inspections for numerous clients all across the counties of Southern California. He has continually proven himself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy inspector capable of handling any job for any client. He has performed home inspections for several years, along with a previous background in professional inspections for pool facilities. His ability to make clients feel comfortable about the inspection process has been a valuable resource to Eagle Eye, and a great benefit to our clients. His experience in the industry is sure to enable any client to make an informed decision about their transaction.



brings a unique dynamic to Eagle Eye. A Certified Master Inspector (CMI), Julian has Completed the necessary requirements to achieve this certification. CMI's adhere to the toughest of industry standards and code of ethics, as well as being up to date on the changing industry standards of practice. Julian has completed thousands of inspections during his time in the industry, as has been performing inspections for over 10 years. His experience has lead him to many areas of Southern California with different climates and needs. His level of professionalism has lead to many clients to be continually satisfied with his work. Julian's commitment to continual research of new tools and methods has only added to his set of skills.



Anthony Martinez began his property inspections career almost 5 years ago. He was completing His first year of inspections under close supervision of a senior inspector at Eagle Eye Property Inspections. Fabian has performed over eleven hundred inspections in the past 24 months. As a young technician, he has exceeded his level of professionalism, experience and ethics, and has striven to give quality service to both clients and realtors. In addition to his yearlong home inspection training with Allied Business Schools, he is a college graduate and worked several years as a painter with a contracting company. Mr. Hernandez is dedicated to the home inspection industry and is continuing learning practices by currently inspecting more properties, becoming a member of different home inspection associations, and continuing to read on new building guidelines and practices.


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