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Energy Audit Inspections by Eagle Eye

Energy Audit Inspections by Eagle Eye

Energy audits have become more and more popular in the last decade due to rising energy cost and an overall greater awareness of energy consumption by our society. Americans spend an average of two thousand to thirty five hundred dollars per year on energy consumption (depending on the square footage of their home), and as a whole America spends about 241 Billion dollars in home energy cost.

Efficient homes do more than save money and reduce pollution. They’re also more comfortable and safer, according to the Home Energy Saver.

An Energy Audit is a professional energy assessment, which generally goes into detail in outlining a home’s energy use. These types of inspections are performed by a home energy technician, also known as an auditor or energy inspector.

The Auditor will complete an examination on every room and may also review past utility bills. The inspector will also evaluate the exterior areas of the home, especially during cold weather conditions, looking for problems around the walls, joints, eaves, etc. The inspector will evaluate the attic, checking the insulation to make sure it is correctly installed and look for any openings that may be the causing factor of wasted energy. The auditor will also evaluate the furnace and water heater to make sure they are properly installed and sealed or insulated as needed. Usually as units get older they become less and less energy efficient. In most cases the auditor will perform a blower door test with a special tool which will depressurize the home, sucking air from the outside in, allowing the technician spot air coming in through all those hole you don’t even know may exist and are the cause of your home’s high energy cost. He or she will close all windows and doors and will check for negative temperatures entering the home with an infrared camera. The infrared cameral will enable the inspector to spot precisely where your energy may be leaking through.

The inspector will then create a comprehensive written report with pictures, revealing the way energy escapes your home. The auditor will also show you in the report which efficiency upgrades are right for you and how you can find the right contractor(s) or companies that are experts in home energy upgrades.

A home energy upgrade can save homeowner anywhere from 5-30% or more in their utility bill. On top of saving money on utility bills, homeowners are also able to benefit when doing an energy upgrade by receiving rebates or tax credits from federal agencies, utility companies and other entities.

If you are in search of a reliable, home energy inspector, you’ve come to the right place. Let Eagle Eye perform an energy inspection on your home and lead you through the process of how to save money on your energy consumption and live acomfortable life..