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Retail Plaza Inspections By Eagle Eye, Certifed and Insured

Retail Plaza Inspections By Eagle Eye, Certifed and Insured

Most retail buildings are owned by one entity or owner who then lease or rent the units to retail companies separately. Retail plaza buildings may be one building or a number of buildings with one parcel.

Inspection of such buildings can be complex, but the inspection may be accomplished through well-trained technician with experience of such building inspections. Most retail buildings are connected within a plaza. The plaza may have a grocery store, dry cleaners, restaurant, electronics store, etc. Assuring that all units are readily available is essential to assuring every area and component is properly evaluated during the inspection period. Most retail stores will be equipped with their own heating and cooling unit, water heater, restroom, electrical subpanel, plumbing shut off valves. Our Eagle Eye technician will assess every single one of these items along with the structure, roof, walls, windows, exterior perimeters handicap access, emergency exit strategies and much more.

Retail plazas can become a liability to owners when safety issues are found in the premises and specially, if the owner is unaware of such liabilities. Getting an inspection on the retail plaza you are looking to purchase or already own is a wise decision. A through inspection by one of skilled professionals will help you secure the investment and remove unforeseen liabilities. If you are in need of an inspection on a retail plaza, trust the team that will inspect right and will convey the right information, empowering you to make the correct decision.