Eagle Eye Property Inspections

The Value of Getting a Home Inspection

By Angel Faith Cathag

A home is probably one of the most vital purchases a person will ever make. When buying a home, you have the right to complete many different types of inspections of the potential home you’re purchasing since you often devote months searching for the right home before you make an offer and once an offer is made and accepted, you must review the several decisions you’ve made before the sale closes. An important part of the process is the home inspection where a professional makes visual evaluation to ensure everything in the house is functioning properly and identifies needed repairs. A home inspection is one of the most common contract contingencies that is widely used by real estate buyers.

Understanding Home Inspections

There are several types of home inspection procedures that you can perform before purchasing a home. First, a general inspection must be performed. Professional home inspectors inspect structure, exterior, roof, electrical systems, plumbing, plumbing, interior, insulation and ventilation. When the inspection is complete, the home inspector will usually provide the buyer with a report suggesting any repairs or improvements deemed necessary to bring the home back to current standards. A home inspection can often reveal problems in your home that can be costly to repair. This can be a great tool for negotiating the purchase with the seller. Buyers can negotiate prices based on what inspectors find. If a defect is discovered in the home, the buyer now has a few more options in the negotiation stage. The buyer can negotiate a credit with the seller, ask the seller to pay for repairs before they close the purchase, buy the house as it is or cancel the purchase if the problem becomes too problematic.


Costs are not an obstacle to a home inspection. Condominium inspection costs only $300, while single-family home inspection costs range from $350 to $500. Special radon testing and plumbing add quite a bit to the cost. After all, the money is worth the investment. Checking your home’s quality can save you from having to pay tens of thousands of dollars for repairs.

What is The Goal of Eagle Eye Property Inspections

Visual inspection is one of the oldest and most reliable methods of assessing the condition of fixed assets throughout the overall maintenance process. The purpose of a visual inspection is to check for all possible defects in an asset that require maintenance.

Eagle eye property inspections allow buyers to identify major problems in their home to be purchase before closing the deal. Your first indication that a home inspection is a must, is that it could be used as a contingency contract with the seller. If the home inspection indicates a serious defect of your home, you can cancel your purchase offer without penalty. If they can allow you to leave such a significant contract, the potential problems with your home can be pretty serious.